Saturday, June 04, 2011


Hello my doves.

Well, I received my ATT (Authorization to Test) from Pearson VUE yesterday evening so I went ahead and scheduled my exam.
I am taking the NCLEX-RN on Wednesday, June 22 at 8am.
I had the option of taking it this Monday (the 6th) but I don't think I will be ready. I need more time to do practice questions....even if I don't actually 'learn' anything new, they will help to elevate some the anxiety I am feeling over this.

Oh and am I feeling the anxiety.
After I received the confirmation email for my appointment, I couldn't stop shaking. All I kept thinking was that every single one of the graduates from my program passed the NCLEX on their first try. Granted, it is a newer program (I think I am in the 4th or 5th class to graduate) but the fact still remains that none of them have had to take the exam a second time. It is just a * tiny* bit of pressure. And no one wants to be the one to break the school streak.

After scheduling, I sent the boyfriend a text message.
"So in two years when you are freaking out over NCLEX and I am telling you that you'll be fine and that you have nothing to worry about, remind me of this moment...where I am sitting in my bedroom shaking because I am so nervous so that I can be more sympathetic"
I am sure he will be more than happy to remind me of this when I am trying to reassure him when he graduates. Ugh.

[Yeah. And I know what you are thinking. "Estelle, why in the world are you dating a nursing student?! Don't you know they are all insane and don't have any spare time and are stressed to the nth degree?!" Yes, dear reader, I am aware of all this.]

Wish me luck, darlings. Because I will be spending the next 18 days cramming and practicing.

[Oh and I also didn't sleep a wink tonight and a close friend is insisting on spending the day together before I disappear into a library. Ugh. It is going to be a long day.]


rnraquel said...

I know you will do great!

Cartoon Characters said...

Good luck on your exam!!! :)

It's actually quite easy really. You will do well if you can relax.

I used a mickey of rum in an eggnog just before the exam. ;)

NP Odyssey said...

Seven years ago, my test was at 9am and QOD for 2 weeks before the test I got up had my coffee and did a practice CD test at 9am. This helped me get in a comfortable routine for that early time. E, I know your a night person and 8am is early.

Since CC and I took the test it has changed formats and it's not all multiple choice any more, but I agree you will do well.

Carmen said...

You can do it. You have made it this far. So what one more test dont think of it as that going in. But do try to take some time to have "me" or "fun" time otherwise you might go insane. And most of all GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Kendra said...

I'm sure it's scary as hell, but you'll do fine! You know your stuff. You can do this!

Good luck!