Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sleeping with a Foxy RedHead

Whoa. What's this? A totally un-nursing related post?!? Zomg.
On Twitter the other day, my darling Tine over at Thought Dropbox called her lovely dog a "Leggy Blonde." This amused me far more than it should a person who was sober and not at all smoking pot. Like I seriously got all giggly and it made me wonder what exactly was in the tea I was drinking at the time [*fingers crossed* for any upcoming drug tests I have].
Then it totally dawned on me that my lovely Australian Cattle Dog [aka my red a blue heeler...only red], Rebel, is a redhead. A foxy, foxy redhead. Who steals the covers. Photos included for your viewing pleasure [not of me in bed, silly. Of the dog.]

A glamour shot of him. He can be such a ham in front of a camera.

This past semester. I hate that ugly yellow throw but he loves it. Ugh. Security blanket, maybe?

He's playing football. Yeah. Football. Without a doubt, he's a southern dog. ;-)


Christine said...

I have a Red Heeler too! Love her. They are the best dogs in the world. She is a strawberry blonde for awhile. Check out her youtube video.

Sasha in the pool Arizona 2009

rnraquel said...

I love him!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I have a red and a blue heeler, and they are definitely the best dogs to have.

Tine said...

<3 Twitter and blog shoutout, I feel so special ;)