Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm Not Dead. Just Busy.

Oh, hello there, darling reader.
Are any of you still there?

I know. I have been horrible. My last post was about how I somehow managed to get 100 followers. And then I go almost 2 months without posting. Quite a bit has happened since I've last spoken to all of you.

I am now working as an RN at a recovery/rehabilitation unit at a LTC facility. Lots of PICC lines and IV therapy [which I love]. Plus, actually getting a pay check is pretty awesome. :)

The Boy and I aren't seeing each other anymore. I fucked it up [which I kind of expected to happen]. I won't lie. I miss him. And I feel so guilty about the whole thing. I never wanted things to end the way they did because I did [] love him. I hope he is okay and that he gets everything he wants. He deserves someone who can be there for him.

Those are the two major things that have happened since you last heard from me. But I think this post is missing something. But because I really can't think of anything else to say, I'll just post a list of the top ten reasons to date a nurse.

Reason #1 to date a nurse: We’re always up for a good game of doctor.
Reason #2 to date a nurse: We are exposed to so many xrays, it’s like a form of birth control.
Reason #3 to date a nurse: We know that lubrication is helpful in any procedure.
Reason #4 to date a nurse: We know lots of different positions.
Reason #5 to date a nurse: We know how to properly apply restraints. ;-)
Reason #6 to date a nurse: We know all the right places to palpate.
Reason #7 to date a nurse: We’re good at taking orders.
Reason #8 to date a nurse: We’re used to handing all types of bodily fluids.
Reason #9 to date a nurse: Scrubs make for easy access.
Reason #10 to date a nurse: We can assess all areas of the body.


rnraquel said...

I am so sorry about the boy. If you ever want to come check out the Florida guys..let me know :)

And isn't it wonderful to get a paycheck? Yay!

Zazzy Episodes said...

I'm happy to see your pic.

I'm sorry to hear of your guy-went-wrong problem.

I love your top 10 list!

And besides missing your humor you're not the only recent grad that doesn't seem to blog much anymore either so don't feel bad.

Christine said...

My husband isn't too sure he likes a few of those reasons! LOL

Congrats on the job. Sorry about the boy!

NP Odyssey said...

Having dated a couple of nurses, I can think of more reasons not to date one.
Although maybe it is because I am a nurse too and like the matter, anti-matter theory they cannot come into contact with one another.

Tine said...

I <3 you! And miss you!

FireEMSisLife said...

Number 9 is the best! :)