Monday, September 19, 2011

Search Terms

I don't have all that much to say right now. Especially considering work has totally been kicking my ass [remind me to tell y'all about it later]. So since I don't have the energy to do a real update, I'm blogging about my blog. Here are some of the search terms that have lead y'all to yours truly [my personal favorites are circled for your amusement]. <3


Anonymous said...

Will you teach me how to do this?!

Miss Teacher said...

I like the search query 'cock problems nurse'.
I am wondering if this job title actually exists.
- Can I make an appoinment please?
- Certainly, who would you like to see?
- The Cock Problems nurse please.


Tine said...

We all get naked in nursing school.

Not during school. Before and after hours, of course.

The Nerdy Nurse said...

I've gotten some weird organic google hits, but you win!

What are you using to track your search queries?