Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Big Ass Catching Up Post

Hello my darlings!!
How I have missed you all. Let's not go so long between conversations, shall we?

OhMyGoodness. Where do I start?? So much to catch up on. My last post, I kind of just jumped into it feet first without giving y'all any warning or primer on how my life has been the past few years since I officially became an RN [!!! still hard to believe] and a real adult. 
An adult that does ADULT THINGS. 
And when I say ADULT THINGS; I don't mean hot, kinky, totally awesome sex [although...that is kind of amazing]. 
The ADULT THINGS I'm talking about are wearing dresses [I big deal for me since I didn't even want to wear a dress for my own never-happened wedding], having dinner parties [perks of having a chef boyfriend], paying bills [yeah for paying off credit cards!!], and waking up without hitting snooze on my alarm clock [still working on that one].

Okay...major life change. 
I moved out on my own!!! I have lived in the same house my whole life. I could tell you every creaky floor tile because I've had to avoid them when I had to sneak back in at night. I could tell you every story behind every patched hole in the wall. I could tell you all about the cedar tree outside my bedroom window and the family of squirrels that lived in it before it fell victim to Hurricane Gustav. 
But sometimes, it's time to move on. 
We grow up. We change. And we need to make our own mistakes and face our own challenges without the safety net of "home." 
So, I now share an amazing little apartment with my boyfriend.
And because of circumstances [possibly of my own making], I don't have a safety net anymore. The words of my mother still ring in my ears: "You'll always have a place to come home to."
That's not the case.
But it's okay, dearest readers. I'm doing well. I'm happy. For the first time in a very long time, I finally feel at home.
The view from the balcony. I'll add more photos when we get done decorating. 

Hhmmm. What else?
Oh! I think I mentioned it in my last post but I'm not in psych anymore [!!! But honestly...when I think about it, everyone is a little crazy so I'll always be a psych nurse]. I did a lateral transfer in my hospital to a medsurg floor. My plan is to spend a few years here while I get my BSN, then transfer to ICU so I can go to CRNA school or NP school. The sky is the limit, loves. 
Medsurg is so different from psych. Both types of patients are sick but in different ways. With my psych patients, most of them were medically stable but their issues were slowly killing them. 
In medsurg, the patients are all physically sick [and some have psych issues so I feel right at home]. You can see your interventions make a difference in the short term so it's an instant gratification thing. 
It's exhausting. It's exhilarating. It's challenging...mentally and physically. 
But lawd, I miss adolescent psych. I miss making a connection with the teenagers because I remember how bad my teenage years were and if I just had someone to tell me that it would all turn out okay, I don't think I would have gone through the kind of hell I put myself through. \
But who knows. Maybe one day, I'll become a psych nurse practitioner. 

Mmmmm. Okay. Soooo.....
I mention a new boyfriend. Well...he isn't really new. We have our one year anniversary in October. But he still has that new boyfriend smell, you know?
Our relationship so far has Words don't do it justice. I mean, my actions kind of speak for themselves. I left my home and my safety net to start a life with him.
I'm hesitate to even write about him on this blog because...well...words honestly don't do him justice. No amount of poetic prose on my part could possibly describe him or how he has changed my life for the better. To say simply that I am in love would be an understatement.
When the day is done and everything else fades away, in his arms is where I find When he holds me, I feel at home. And, my darlings, I have NEVER felt that way before.
It's terrifying. That deep of a love. It makes you vulnerable...breakable.
But, my darling readers; in vulnerability, we find beauty. We find ourselves. We find our way back home again. And like I said before, I finally feel at home.
Yes. I'm in love with a Ginger. 

One more thing before I go:
Yep. You read that right. 
On Monday, I start my online RN to BSN program. I think I might have briefly mentioned it in the last post but I've only been taking an orientation class. But this is the real deal. 
I'm taking Chemistry...which is a class designed specifically for RN to BSN students I think. It's a combination of general, organic, and biological chemistry. I was going to attempt to test out of it which would consist of me attempting to learn two semesters worth of college level chemistry in 4 weeks. I was seriously motivated to do it...until I saw this:
And after my initial reaction of "whatthefuck is this shit?"
my response was " about no. Can we not. Kthxbi"
So yeah....Chemistry. Not my best subject. 
And I'll be taking "Transition into Professional Nursing." The title alone sounds like 20 page papers and a bunch of busy work. I'll keep you posted. 
But, dearest readers, do you know what this means? Me returning to school?
Do you know? Do you know what this means??!!!!? DO YOU???!!!!???
It means the return of 
{pause for suspence} 
{Pause for dramatic music}
Yes, darling readers. I know, I know. You can hardly wait. I'll try not to disappoint y'all this time. 

Okay. I have rattled on enough about my life. I have to go. A friend and I made plans to get manicures and pedicures this morning [See? More ADULT THINGS.]
Until next time, my lovelies. 

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