About & FAQ

What is Word Lust?
It’s my blog. My own little corner of the internet. My oasis of mental instability, inspiration, raves, rants, and all other matters of life. 

What about the nursing stuff?
Nursing is what I do and to a small extent, who I am. But it is only one aspect of my life. And while it is an extremely important aspect, touching other parts of my life like some kind of MRSA infected octopus, it isn’t *all* of who I am.

Why is it called Word Lust if it’s a blog about nursing?
It isn’t a blog about nursing. It is a blog about life. The life of someone who happens to be a nurse.

But the official story behind the name comes from the fact that I wasn’t always a nurse. Once upon a time, a long time ago [like, 10 years], I was a sweet, innocent English major with aspirations to travel the world and write about exotic places and far away cities and read books in a Parisian coffee shop. So that is where the name came from. Word Lust.

Then some shit happened.

In addition to this shit [referred to as the Dark Years], and as unromantic as it sounds, I realized most writers never make it that far. I didn’t want to be 35 with a Masters in English, unable to find a job other than teaching college freshman who couldn’t form a coherent thought on paper if their life depended on it.

Why should I read this blog?
No one is forcing you.

OhMyGod. Let’s bring the rage down a notch or twelve. This blog is part journal. Part advice column, part random shit I find interesting or amusing. And despite my belief that I am a precious little snowflake and there isn’t anyone else out there like me, maybe there is and they would like to experience this life with me too.

Why don’t you post more often?
Well….excuuuusssseeeee me for having a life. That’s pretty much the reason. Life. I work full-time in addition to being a full-time student and trying to live a normal life in the hours in between. Also, I recently became engaged so I am now planning a wedding. And I have to sleep sometimes. [Y'all can't even understand how much I love sleep.]

Yeah. That’s great. But why haven’t you posted more in the past? I mean, there are huge gaps in between the posts.

Aren’t you a regular Sherlock Holmes. The truth is during those gaps in time and lapses in posts, I did write entries. They are either archived because I didn’t feel they were fit for public consumption or posted and then removed because I lacked the ladyballs to keep them up related to certain individuals in my past. Also, my dear friends at the LSBN.

[As always, a work in progress.]